Climate Change Leadership – Power, Politics and Culture

Climate Change Leadership – Power, Politics and Culture 2018

Spring 2018 weeks 03-22 (15 January – 3 June) – day time – 50% – Campus

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Application Deadline: 2017-10-16

Enrolment Code: UU-69515

Language of Instruction: English

Location: Uppsala

Selection: Higher education credits

Entry Requirements: 60 credits

Fees: If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application or tuition fees. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Read more about fees.

Application Fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 32500

Tuition fee, total: SEK 32500

About the course

Climate change leadership is often mentioned in both news media and by politicians themselves, but what does it really entail? What kind of knowledge and skills define a climate change leader and how can they be learned? What kind of political, cultural and psychological resources are lacking in present initiatives?

This course discusses the fundamentals of an effective and functioning climate change leadership in a global perspective. Starting out from an analysis of how the climate has changed during the planet’s long geological history and how it plays a central role in the life of the biosphere, the course looks at why there is such a comparatively few effective responses to the issues we are facing. Then the societal and cultural effects of climate change are discussed, looking at how the use of fossil fuel has transformed modern societies and cultures and taking into account broader perspectives such as ethics, justice or gender. With the knowledge gained during the first part of the course, a framework for a working climate change leadership is critically looked at from a political, power and societal perspective. The final part of the course is devoted to applying this framework in case studies, with the focus on both a global and local level, trying to identify different strategies for mitigation and adaptation in terms of a functioning climate change leadership.

Spring 2016

Here you can find all the main information you need for the course. Mostly we will be using Studentportalen though.


  • CCL Literature List Section 1
  • Mann, M. E., Kump, L. R. (2015). Dire Predictions. Understanding Climate Change – The Visual Guide to the Findings of the IPCC, 2nd edition. DK Publishing.
  • Ciplet, D., Roberts, J. T., M. R. Khan (2015). Power in a Warming World – The New Global Politics of Climate Change and the Remaking of Environmental Inequality. MIT Press.
  • Hulme, M. (2009) Why We Disagree about Climate Change: Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Stoknes, P. E. (2015). What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming: Toward a New Psychology of Climate Action. Chelsea Green Publishing.


  • Assignments will be posted on Studentportalen


Link to Debate Prezi

Here’s the link for Jesse’s presentation on the debate sessions.

Grading criteria and literature list for the first weeks is also uploaded further up under ‘Literature’ and ‘Course Info’.

Inofficial Get Together

It was nice meeting you all yesterday! Don’t forget our informal get-together next Wednesday, January 27th, 6pm in the Red Room at V-Dala nation. You will need a nation card to get in (temporary one is fine). If you don’t have one let us know as soon as possible and we’ll put your names on the list.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

/Friedi and Jesse

Opening Lecture by Doreen Stabinsky

Every semester at CEMUS kicks of with an inspiring open lecture. This year we’re excited to have Doreen Stabinsky, the current holder of the Zennström visiting professorship in Climate Change Leadership, hold a lecture on “Education, Sustainable Development and the Challenges of a Changing Climate”. This lectures is part of a courses and we strongly encourage you to attend.

Doreen is very much involved with the Climate Change Leadership course as well and will host, together with Bo Kjellén, the former chief negotiator of Sweden, a negotiations role play later on in the course.

Date: January 18th, 2016
Time: 18.15-20
Location: Hambergsalen, Geocentrum

See you there!

Welcome to a new semester!

The mandatory Roll-call (upprop) and course introduction will take place on Monday, January 18th at 13.15, in room 12:010 Blåsenhus, von Kraemers Allé 1A. You have to attend in person (with valid reason, send a stand-in) and remain active throughout the course, otherwise you will permanently lose your place.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Jesse and Friedi