“A Big Bang of the Mind” by Timothée Parrique – CEMUS Diaries

A Big Bang of the Mind

by Timothée Parrique

PhD Researcher at AdaptEconII, Université Blaise Pascal (former Course Coordinator)

One thing I’ve learned at CEMUS is to say no.
No to injustices of all kinds,
No to heartless dogma and thoughtless coma,
No to unpassionate preaching and unreflective teaching,
No to conformity and compliance to rules that oppress creativity and suppress personality,
No to apathy about the state of the world and the state of knowledge about the world,
No to disciplined, facile research questions and disciplined, facile research answers,
No to prestige, ego, and the selfish pursuit of personal interests,
No to arguments of authority and to the rhetoric of power,
No to ideologies that see the future as singular and alien.
No is one thing I’ve learned at CEMUS; no as the initial spark of intellectual existence for it is not “I think therefore, I am”, but “I think NO, therefore I am.”

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