April 3: Reimagining Climate Change: An informal study, reading and film club

Are you interested in engaging with new ideas about how climate change might change our way of life? In exploring new fictional accounts of how to adapt to climate change? In meeting with other people to explore these ideas? If so, this club is for you.

We will be meeting fortnightly to watch documentaries and read climate fiction, to meet others interested in these topics and to create space for creative exploration of how to respond to the changing cultures of climate change. The meetings will be friendly, informal opportunities for conversation fortnightly on Wednesdays from 6-8; we will either watch a short film together, or read some fiction beforehand so that we have a topic for discussion.

Our first meeting will be in Kollaboratoriet on April 3rd – where we will show a short film for discussion and come up with a reading list and film list for following events.

If you would like to come, please sign up here (and feel free to share ideas of stories, films or books you think we might discuss).


We look forward to seeing you!